Home Fitness Equipment

Keep a strong workout schedule with our indoor home fitness equipment. You won't need to visit the gym to complete your workout routine with our wide range. Choose the perfect piece of equipment to suit your fitness needs today! We have Strength Conditioning Equipment for Arms, Chest & Body Workouts, Medicine Balls & Kettlebells. For more commercial gym equipment see our traditional Gym Equipment category.

Whatever fitness journey you are on, you can select the ideal workout equipment from the Physioroom range.

PhysioRoom Adjustable Aerobics Step

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PhysioRoom Kettlebell 4kg - 20kg

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PhysioRoom Medicine Slam Ball 4kg - 20kg

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PhysioRoom Weight Training Power Bag

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How Can I do Resistance Training at Home?

Resistance training is a great way to improve strength, power and performance, by training specific muscles to meet the demands of your sport or help reduce injury risk by strengthening tendons to cope with repetitive everyday movements. Resistance training is performing movements against a weight or resistance to promote muscle strength.

Choose your Workout

Whether you want to focus on strength training, improving your resistance levels, or cardio workouts we have popular pieces that you'll love. Raise your fitness levels and life satisfaction without ever leaving the house! 

Weights and Machines

We have a range of exercise machines and weights to suit your fitness regime. We advise speaking to a personal trainer if you are unsure of how to use any of the equipment. Invest in a bike rower to experience a great full-body workout and increase your heart rate. Or opt for traditional weights for muscle training and increasing muscle tone.

Muscle Trainers

If you're looking to train specific muscle sets, try our muscle rollers and bands. This range also includes swiss balls, exercise tubes, and massage balls. These can allow you to train a specific muscle or muscle group. This is achieved through a number of exercises and a range of motions. For example, muscle rollers can help you to train your core muscles by aiding recovery.

Gym and Exercise Equipment for use at home

Boost the effectiveness of your home workout with the PhysioRoom home gym equipment range. We have products to help to increase muscle strength, resistance and stretch flexibility. We can also help with cardiovascular health, posture and overall fitness through a variety of workout equipment.

Exercise Accessories for Core Strength Workouts

Your core is a key area as it stabilizes your body and allows you to move in different directions. Working on building a strong core has a number of great benefits. It improves your balance and stability, promotes good posture, enhances your flexibility and helps improve your overall fitness. Body weight exercises are a great way to build your core strength at home. Our range of core strength workout accessories is designed to help you get the most out of these exercises.

Exercise Wheels

Exercise Wheels by PhysioRoom can be used in the gym or at home to aid your workout. They're known to primarily tone the lower abs. But the ab roller can also be used to work muscles in the shoulders and at the back of the arms. Soft grip handles and a lightweight design mean the Exercise Wheel is easy yet beneficial to work with during sets and repetitions. Use to improve strength as well as give definition.

Sliding Discs

Sliding discs allow you to use your body weight as resistance to complement any strength exercise routine. The simplicity of this unique system makes it easily adaptable for both beginners and advanced users alike. Lightweight and compact, sliding discs can be easily transported and are ideal for use in the home, at the gym or whilst travelling.