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About us

Founded in 2000, is well established as the world's leading, jargon-explained, sports injury, rehab and fitness website.

We offer a wide range of educational content, features, and online shopping services related to sports injury and sports medicine, empowering our users with the knowledge of their own sports injuries in order to supplement treatment and advice given by their doctor or chartered physiotherapist.

The high-quality products available in the shop are sourced from leading sports medicine product manufacturers, to provide solutions to your sports injury needs at the best possible prices.

We offer an abundance of products to help you with your injury

At PhysioRoom we have a number of different product ranges to cover any injury you might have, starting with our supports and braces where you can find, for example, knee braces and supports for ACL and cartilage injuries, ankle supports for ankle sprains, back braces for lower back pain and sciatica and elbow supports for common conditions like tennis elbow.
Take a look at our Supports & Braces here.

Then you can move on to our hot and cold therapy section where you’ll find numerous cryogenic and heat-based solutions for your injury rehab and recovery such as ice packs, ice bags, heat packs as well as cold and hot gels.
Take a look at our Hot and Cold Therapy products here.

While our first aid section is great for physios looking for first aid kits and first aid supplies for their match day duties.
Check out our first aid equipment here.

PhysioRooms’ taping and strapping section features cohesive bandages to keep you patched up, along with the famous kinesiology tape which is ideal for taping up sports injuries and getting that extra peace of mind.
Check out our taping and strapping products here.

Foot care is also high on our list of priorities with insoles for conditions like fallen arches and plantar fasciitis, as well as blister care and prevention with things like blister socks and plasters.
Take a look at our foot care range here.

Rehab and Fitness meanwhile is huge on PhysioRoom, with comprehensive sub-sections of our site dedicated to useful tools for your injury rehabilitation, including; Swiss balls, resistance bands, yoga, wobble boards and cushions, hydrotherapy, massage balls and foam rollers for self-massage and trigger point release.
Take a look at our rehab and fitness equipment here.

In our clothing section you will find food and drink carriers for those athletes on the go! As well as a range of other running and cycling accessories, from compression clothing designed by leading medical professionals, to mouth guards and ion bracelets.
Check out our sports clothing and accessories here.

If you’re a commercial gym owner we also have a range of commercial fitness machines on offer, such as ellipticals, treadmills and exercise bikes.
Check out our gym equipment here.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do

Finally, at PhysioRoom we value the thoughts of our customers, and we understand the need to receive items quickly.

So, as well as providing a secure, easy to use shopping experience, we ensure that the vast majority of our range is available for immediate dispatch, worldwide, with next day delivery available within the UK mainland.

Thank you for visiting and shopping with!

The articles on this website are provided for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical care or treatment by a qualified practitioner.