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A Career as a Chartered Physiotherapist

Work Experience

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What about work experience?

Work experience shows you have researched a career as a chartered physiotherapist and helps you understand what the job is all about. Because of the confidential nature of the work, and the work demands on the small number of staff, work experience within a professional football club is usually not possible. Also, as mentioned earlier, this is only one area that chartered physiotherapists work in and is not reflective of the profession as a whole.

A better alternative is to get an insight of physiotherapy within a hospital. Many physiotherapy programmes or hospital departments in your area will probably hold an open day at some stage in the year. Requests to either should be made in writing, enclosing a large stamped addressed envelope.
Gaining work experience within the hospital physiotherapy department is helpful, but places are limited and this may be difficult to organise because of the pressures there are on busy physiotherapy departments.

Work experience in any area of healthcare should be useful, since the university admissions tutors want to ensure that you have the ability to communicate well with a cross-section of the public and can cope with issues surrounding illness and disability. Your school careers teacher or school/local careers department should be able to assist with organising work experience, as well as helping you to write letters and make appointments.

Studying to be a Chartered Physiotherapist >