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Thermal Wear

Thermal Wear by is designed to be worn as sports clothing or as a base layer to keep the wearer comfortable and dry and at a regulated temperature during exercise and sport. This type of sports clothing is also used to aid injury recovery and to prevent muscle cramps, muscle pulls and muscle strains.

Thermal pants and warm pants such as the McDavid TRC Recovery Pant Womens are ideal for the treatment and prevention of hernias, groin injuries, hip injuries and hamstring injuries as well as for combating hot spots.

Thermals for the upper body like the McDavid hDc Sleeveless Bodyshirt and the McDavid TCR Recovery Shirt are excellent for keeping the wearer at a desirable temperature. While the Bodyshirt helps the wearer to retain their heat (good for cold weather training) the TCR Shirt uses UV-protection and moisture wicking fabric to keep the wearer cool.

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