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Steppers are quickly becoming a gym standard in recent times. By allowing the user to simulate running up steps - often touted as a major exercise benefit - see Rocky - Steppers provide a complete lower body and cardiovascular workout for the user. A low impact exercise machine, the Steppers is a welcome relief for those suffering from knee and joint pain and can be used as a rehabilitation exercise.

Runners are also increasingly finding that Stepmill training is of huge benefit to their routine, providing HIIT training that has been shown to increase overall speed and performance.

The Stepmill is also a highly beneficial tool for those looking for firmer, more defined legs as the incline causes a constant resistance which in turn demands greater muscular demand.

Free delivery, installation and finance options are available on most products, allowing you to get on and train as easily as possible.

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Multi-Stride Cross Fit Cardio

by GymGear

£4995.00 inc VAT

The Multi-Stride Cross Fit Cardio by GymGear provides a total body workout without impact on the joints.
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Delivered in 7-10 days


CS800 Stepper

by Spirit Fitness

£2499.00 inc VAT

The CS800 stepper combines the familiar dependent stepping action with an arched step-rail design and impressive 16" maximum step height for an effective lower body workout.
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10 working days


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