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Sports Supports

Wearing one of our sports wrist supports can help prevent a number of potential wrist injuries. This high quality range of supports are ideal for sports injuries related to tennis, golf and squash which depend heavily on repetitive wrist movements. In our range you'll find supports that can help with conditions such as: Wrist Sprains, Thumb Sprains, Wrist Instability, Weak and Arthritic Wrists and Wrist Pain.

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One of our most popular sports supports features multi zone compression, this wrist and thumb support by Neo G provides a snug yet flexible fit, helping to warm muscles and support the affected area during sporting and occupational activities. Featuring a slimline design to ensure total comfort under everyday clothing , the breathable fabric controls moisture during intense activities, whilst providing support during movement. Find out more about the Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support now!

Next up is a wrist strap that has been designed to manage pain caused by joint or tendon overuse in the wrist or thumb. Providing adjustable compression and support, the wrist strap has been made from heat therapeutic neoprene, which helps to provide warmth and support to muscles and joints to aid weak, injured or arthritic wrists. It's perfect to help with strain caused by repetitive wrist movements such as occupational and sporting activities. Learn more about the PhysioRoom Elite Elastic Wrist Strap.

Finally a support that features an adjustable wrap-around strap, is easy to fit and has mesh materials to ensure of total comfort. From our own PhysioRoom range, it helps to relieve pain and provides firm support to a weakened or strained wrist as well as helping to prevent further injury. The adjustable hook and loop strap ensures of a comfortable fit and stabilisation during sporting activities. Take a closer look at the PhysioRoom Elite Adjustable Wrist Wrap.