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Posture Correctors & Chair Supports

Office Seat Cushions found in this category are used to treat and manage lower back pain by improving back posture while you are seated. By fitting or using a lumbar support, a posture correction seat or a low back chair support with your car or office chair you'll benefit from better posture, eased back pain and a daily reminder to sit correctly, thus supporting the natural curve of the spine. An adult or junior seat wedge also improves posture for adults and children, while using a Swiss ball for sitting can develop core stability and help maintain correct posture.

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How do you use a chair back support?

Different styles of seat cushions are available to help improve posture whilst sat for long periods either at a desk or in the car. A back support cushion can be simply placed behind you to offload the spine and improve posture whilst seated. The lightweight designs mean they can easily be transported from office to car or even when traveling on aeroplanes or trains. Other products available include orthopaedic seat cushions and wedge seat cushions that are placed underneath you and shaped to position the pelvis forward in to a more neutral position.

What is the best back support for office chairs?

When sat for prolonged periods at work, it is a good idea to consider your posture as the seated position can increase pressure on the spine and intervertebral discs, leading to lower back pain and associated conditions. Some office chairs are ergonomically designed, but if they are not, a posture correcting seating cushion or lumbar support can help promote a better posture and offload the spine when sat for long periods of the day. Office chair cushions for back pain help reduce the strain on your back by providing lumbar support and correcting your posture.

An orthopaedic memory foam cushion or wedge seat cushion are specially designed to support a better posture. It is also a good idea to take as regular breaks. Walking around the office is ideal, but even just standing up at your desk can break up the repetition of sitting. To further help posture, always ensure the computer screen is positioned directly in front of you, at eye and height and not at an angle, so you do not have to look down at the screen all day.