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A Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape, maintains the alignment of the spine and gives excellent neck support, treating the symptoms of a stiff neck and reducing the back pain associated with a neck injury or a whiplash injury. A Memory Foam Mattress or a Memory Foam Topper moulds to the contours of your body, giving great back support and reducing the pain caused by arthritis in the back or neck.

Without the right pillows and mattresses unnecessary stress is placed on the back and neck during sleeping. When this added pressure is combined with neck conditions such as wry neck, neck arthritis, whiplash, or a slipped disc in the neck it can lead to stiffness and muscle spasms. A memory foam pillow can eliminate neck pain and spasms and give a good nights sleep by supporting the neck correctly.

Back pain too can be increased by a lack of support while asleep. Back problems such as herniated disc, Sciatica, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and facet syndrome can all be aggravated by inadequate support. Memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers shape themselves to fit the body. This results in a comfortable nights sleep every night by easing pressure on the joints of the spine and the ligaments, discs and muscles of the back.

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Supreme Visco Elastic Memory Foam Pillow

by ComfortSleep

£47.99 inc VAT

A superior visco elastic, temperature reactive memory foam pillow used to enhance sleep for those with neck problems. Complete with zipped cover.
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ComfortSleep Supreme Visco Elastic Memory Foam Pillow has a rating of 5.0 stars from 10 reviews (10 reviews)

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