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Massage & Skincare

Massage and skincare routines form an important part of sports recovery and general wellbeing. Our skincare products are specially designed with athletes in mind to provide comfort during and after sport, to protect against injuries, and to aid physiotherapy and healing. By applying lotions and body butters to the skin before and after sport the skin is protected against the elements, more supple and healthy.

Products such as Sportique Century Riding Cream help damaged skin to repair itself but also prevents irritations from friction during activities such as cycling and running. Get a head start before races and games with Warming Up Cream, during them with Road Rash Remedy Balm and then post workout with SPORTSMAN's Friend Soothing Skin Cream, for all round natural body care.

Here at you'll find all the massage products you need for improved performance and recovery including massage oils and muscle rubs, massage balls, treatment tables, plus hot packs and wraps. Elite performance and recovery is enhanced by sports massage therapy where massage therapists employ a range of massage techniques to stimulate muscles and tissues, improve circulation and blood flow, increase muscle temperature, mobilise soft tissue and relax over active muscle.

But our massage products are also simple and effective enough to be used at home.