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Collar Bone Supports

Our range of collar bone supports are the perfect solution following a broken collar bone and AC joint injuries.

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Supports for Broken Collar Bones

First we have a 'Figure of 8' shoulder support for the treatment of a broken collar bone and Acromio-Clavicular (AC) joint injuries (shoulder separations). Easy to apply, this super comfortable foam support puts the shoulder girdle in the best possible position for healing. Broken collar bones and AcromioClavicular (AC) joint injuries are common in sports or following a fall onto an outstretched hand. A position of 'shoulder retraction' with the shoulders relaxed back provides the optimal position for healing these injuries. To learn more about the ProCare Universal Clavicle Support, click here!

Next up is a support with comfortable foam straps that can be used to immobilise the shoulder to allow healing following shoulder injuries and following shoulder surgery, such as rotator cuff repair and shoulder decompression where shoulder movement is prohibited. It has adjustable shoulder and waist straps that can immobilise the shoulder joint in the most comfortable position for healing. The straps have a Velcro fastening and are padded with foam for extra comfort. Keeping the shoulder still and supported relieves shoulder pain and encourages healing following shoulder surgery or shoulder injuries.To view the ProCare Shoulder Sling click here!

Finally, we have a support made from breathable fabric which works by immobilising the shoulder and collar bone joints to aid a comfortable healing position, which allows for joint and soft tissue recovery. Suitable for left or right arm/shoulder injuries, this arm sling reduces stress and helps encourage correct alignment of the joint by stabilising the forearm against the body. Try the Neo G Airflow Breathable Arm Sling now!