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Adhesive & Remover

Tape adhesive and tape adhesive remover are used when applying and removing tape jobs. Tape adhesive can be applied to the skin prior to a taping technique as it helps the tape stick better. Tape adhesive prevents the tape job loosening due to the effects of sweating and exercising. This makes the tape more effective at providing support.

Tape adhesive remover is an easy and painless method of removing tape jobs from the skin.

Tape jobs for the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow and shoulder are best applied directly to the skin using zinc oxide trainers tape or elastic adhesive bandage (EAB). Removing these adhesive tapes can be difficult and painful, which is where adhesive remover comes in. It removes the adhesive from the tape job so the tape or EAB just peels off the skin.

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Tape fix 200ml Aersosol Spray

by Ultimate Performance

£5.99 inc VAT

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Ultimate Performance Tape fix 200ml Aersosol Spray has a rating of 5.0 stars from 1 reviews (1 review)

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Pre-Tape Adhesive Spray (120ml)

by Mueller

£11.49 inc VAT

Colourless adhesive spray which is used to make tape jobs stick better. Mueller Pre-Tape Adhesive solves the problem of tape jobs becoming loose during sports and activities. Simply spray it on the area of skin where the tape is going to be applied to make your tape job more effective. Used by Premier League physios and NFL trainers.
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Tufkut Scissors

by Steroplast

£2.24 inc VAT

High quality 7" paramedic scissors for first aid treatment.
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Steroplast Tufkut Scissors has a rating of 5.0 stars from 4 reviews (4 reviews)

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