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Prohands is the company behind the best-selling hand exerciser in the world, the only training aid that will allow users to work their fingers separately creating a targeted training programme.

Designed by hand therapists this unique exercise experience will focus on the small muscles within the hand while isolating those larger forearm muscles. Research has proven that greater hand skill will increase ball or racket control making Prohands an essential piece of training apparatus for those that play golf, tennis or basketball. Using Prohands will enhance and develop superior strength, endurance plus coordination quicker when compared to more traditional training methods.

With a range of models and tensions available Prohands provides the ideal workout accompaniment for those seeking a competitive edge or for those motivated individuals hoping to shine and become the best. For competition or for fun, to help preserve healthy hands or to return normal function Prohands really does have a handheld version specific for your needs!