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Powerball has been supplying the dynamic, explosive and highly addictive little gyroscope to the public for over twenty years, helping to turn this revolutionary pocket-sized sphere into a worldwide phenomenon.

Blurring the lines between exercise and fun Powerball provides a seriously enjoyable and exciting way to help improve hand, wrist and arm strength. Offering a smooth non-impact workout the Powerball is ideal for the whole family, an ideal excuse to come together and enjoy this hugely popular pastime ‘old or young’ ‘male or female’.

Available in a number of special colourways, varying rotor speeds and with customisable options the Powerball series promises it will have a suitable ball just for you! Perfect as a hobby or exercise option this entertaining gadget is equally lauded by sports fanatics who consider it a definitive instrument for fitness and rehabilitation while enthusiasts marvel at the sheer amount of fun this pocket rocket delivers.

Powerball is so confident you will love this product, each and every gyroscope comes with a 25 year gold warranty and lifetime full-money-back guarantee. You will not be disappointed!