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Physicool grabbed the limelight after a hugely successful Dragons Den campaign which was originally aired on the BBC way back in 2009. Almost overnight their appearance catapulted the brand from hidden gem to the cold therapy product everyone wanted to stock in their kitbag and the company has continued to grow ever since. Physicool have created a range of medically formulated, self-administered cooling bandages for use throughout training to aid recovery or to help treat acute injury, assisting athletes and sports enthusiasts to train harder and recuperate quicker.

This specially prepared coolant is now the product of choice for therapists and coaches who recognise the importance of a convenient and quick way to administer cold therapy on the move. Hospitals, clinics and practices globally trust in the power of Physicool to reduce swelling and treat inflammation fast while easing pain enabling a quicker recovery process. Physicool will help facilitate a speedy return to activity.

Physicool continue to develop new products and as applications begin to evolve their reputation for delivering intelligent, forward thinking lifestyle products will surely propel this once small Dorset company amongst the market leaders within this enormously competitive area.