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P2 is the new and improved upgrade to PhysioRoom’s own branded items. All P2 products have been specially designed and manufactured to a premium quality, accentuating the finest aspects from the PhysioRoom model and ensuring they play a prominent role in the enhanced P2 brand.

The P2 kinesiology tape is a classic example of this. Trialled and tested right down to the cotton fibres, the P2 k-tape provides the wearer with top levels of support and comfort. PhysioRoom knows that in sport, it is often the fine lines and the thinnest of margins which sort the winners from the losers, and this is reflected in the P2 kinesiology tape. Such is the calibre of the regenerated tape, it has the ability to bond even tighter to the skin when applying compared to standard kinesiology tape, thus enabling you to go that extra mile whether you are training, racing or recovering.

These new developments don't stop there, however. P2 is set to expand further, with PhysioRoom's branded compression wear in the pipeline for an upgrade and our superior-quality advanced insoles already available below. Watch this space!