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Intenza Fitness cardio equipment perfects artistry and engineering – evoking images of powerful, purring luxury vehicles. Striking exteriors include brilliant touchscreen displays and gleaming aluminum surfaces.

Underneath are robust steel frameworks and motors, engineered to give users a sense of confidence and well-being during their workouts.

Their factory in Tainan, Taiwan is as architecturally and environmentally groundbreaking as the cardio equipment it produces. Opened in 2013, the 100% energy efficient factory remains a one-of-a-kind in the industry.

Intenza applies the same values of sustainability, simplicity, and health to their products – changing the universe of exercise equipment forever. Intenza designs embody the clean, quiet, beautiful environment in which they’re built and assembled, with many being self-powered and designed to go on standby mode when not in use.

Intenza; Stunning to look at, captivating to use, eco-friendly to own.