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Hyperice compression wear provides a practical 21st century solution to an age old problem - how to maximise and harness the therapeutic power of ice treatment. Cryotherapy has long been associated with the management of muscular injuries including strains, sprains and damage to ligament tissue by helping to kick-start the body’s own healing response. However this hugely effective treatment method has, on the whole, remained largely unchanged over the years. That is, until now!

Hyperice produced its first prototype back in 2010 and spent the last two years improving this product to create an ice therapy compression sleeve which is far superior to more traditional application methods. During this extensive testing phase, Hyperice worked with elite level athletes and in conjunction with precision engineers, using the latest technologically advanced materials to create a range of top-quality cold therapy products.

Building upon the enormous success of this fine tuning period, Hyperice were able to secure substantial investment from a prominent NFL Sports Star – Pittsburgh Steelers Strong Safety,Troy Polamalu – before a single product had ever been sold!

The Hyperice cryo-system incorporates a patented ‘Air Release Valve’ and ‘Hyperice Compression Wrap’ to ensure optimal cold therapy transfer through evenly distributed compression. This combined duel-action mechanism helps to create a perfectly tailored ice cast for exceptional results.

Hyperice is now used throughout America, from respected educational institutions to high performance athletic facilities with over 50 summer U.S. Olympians choosing to incorporate this cryo-treatment system into their regular pre and post activity workouts. The brand will now focus on targeting the European markets with this innovative approach to improving athletic performance and injury management.


Blake Griffin

Los Angeles Clippers, NBA
2011 NBA Rookie of the Year

Lauren Collins

Track and Field-Heptathlon
High Jump Fitness Model