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BodyHelix was born of necessity, the company had identified an area of the compression wear market which was severely lacking. Existing products were uncomfortable and offered very little in terms of support for muscular and joint problems, their design and purpose were years behind the current technological advances in science for this area. BodyHelix decided to create a range of products set to revolutionise the industry.
Early ideas stemmed from discussion and observations based on locally trained athletes within the US but as these concepts began to evolve BodyHelix utilised the expertise of Medical Specialists and leaders within their field to help drive their analysis. The result was a product which will adhere closely to the contours of the body without pinching or puckering, a unique uniform compression area offering maximum comfort and body benefit while allowing full range-of-movement. The closed air-cell technology provides sweat resistant moisture activation which will hold the support in place while this special fabric remains bacteria and odour-free. BodyHelix do not pay sports stars to wear their products, the benefits are clear to see which is why this range is quickly becoming a market leader. BodyHelix is the preferred compression garment of Robin van Persie (Manchester United), Niall Morris (Leicester Tigers) and elite-level athletes from the world of running, strongman, track and field and Moto GP.