Balance Pad

In order to get the most from your workout regime it’s important to have the right equipment and accessories to hand. Our balance pad keeps you balanced during your routine so you can enjoy maximum performance. It allows you to focus on your exercises and nothing else until your session is over.
  • Made from thick TPE foam.
  • Improves balance, stability, posture and motor skills.
  • Lightweight construction for easy transportation.
  • Use the pad for a wide range of exercises.

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Why Buy The Balance Pad?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality material.



Sponge-like material that offers comfort.



Lightweight and compact for easy transportation.



Improves motor skills.

Key Features


Improves balance and stability.


Aids your posture.


Use for physical therapy rehabilitation.


Easy to maintain and clean.

Motor Skills

Enhance your motor skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

It measures 6 x 45 x 34cm (H x W x D).
Use the pad for a wide range of exercises, including planks, press ups, lunges, squats and yoga poses.
You can step on with football blades, however the material is soft and not intended for this so may start damaging the pad.
It's light so you can easily carry the pad. It weighs ?0.58 Kilograms

More about the Balance Pad

The balance trainer offers a variety of health benefits that support your drive to keep in shape. Whether you are coming back from an injury and rehabilitating your body, or want to focus on balance control or core building, the pad is absolutely perfect. They also work well for the elderly, helping those in more advanced years to improve their balance and strength. The balance mat is made from TPE foam, a sponge-like material that offers comfort and assured footing each and every time. When standing on the pad it ensures your muscles are engaged in both your core and feet, which instantly improves balance and stability.

Your stabilising muscles are responsible for keeping you balanced and maintaining equilibrium. Stability can be affected by injury and ageing, so the balance pads are great to combat this. You can use the pad for a wide range of exercises, including planks, press ups, lunges, squats and yoga poses. You can carry the balance pad to any location where you are working out thanks to its lightweight construction. Maintenance requirements are also low as it is extremely easy to clean. If you want to improve your balance and strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments this is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to get started.