Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace - White

The Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace offers comfortable and lightweight support for sprains and other ligament or muscular injuries during the day and when you’re playing your favourite sports. This ankle brace in white was designed specifically for British tennis star Andy Murray for his Grand Slam tournament play at Wimbledon. This sleek, simplistic and refined colourway has all the fundamental qualities offered by its predecessor while adhering to the all-white SW19 tradition. The A60 Ankle Support Brace is one of our most lightweight and minimal bulk supports providing a perfectly balanced combination between protection, support and functionality making it one of our best-selling products. Simply put, if you want to help protect your ankle joint, the A60 Ankle Support will reduce injury occurrence rates during sports and high-impact activities such as running and can be used to help prevent and treat Ankle sprains, Chronic Instability, Ankle Fracture, Ankle Syndesmosis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and more.


  • Adjustable straps for comfort.
  • Perfect for sporting events and daily use alike.
  • Protect your ankles from rollover and sprains.
  • Trusted by sports stars including tennis player Andy Murray.
  • Light-weight anatomic design easily fits into athletic footwear without any bulk.
  • Incorporates a sleek stabiliser at either side of the ankle to guard against sprains.
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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)


Comfortable high-quality material allowing for easy day-to-day use and making it easily washable.

Adjustable Straps

Easy to put on and adjustable straps for added support and comfort whilst you go about your day.

Daily Use

Moulded once worn to fit comfortably under shoes and in daily use and in sport.


Three different sizes are available with options for each foot for better support through the day and as you play your favourite sports!


Velcro straps around the brace to ensure stability and support is at it’s maximum as you go about your day.


The breathable fabric covers the whole ankle and foot excluding the heel to aid a fast and healthy recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions


An ankle brace is one of the most effective ways in strengthening a weakened ankle. You can also have physio to gently get movement back into your ankle after an injury.

Your ankle brace should be tight enough to restrict motion and ensure stability, but not tight enough so circulation gets cut off.

To help with ordering the correct size, make sure that you remove all clothing from the area as measuring over clothing may cause the wrong size to be ordered or the product not fitting correctly.

If you are between sizes, please select the larger size.

Please see our Shoe Size Conversion Chart Below.

Sizing is based on UK shoe sizes, select your usual shoe size.

Small Up to 6.5 (Ladies up to 6)

Medium 7-10.5 (Ladies 6.5 - 10)

Large 11+ (Ladies 10.5 +)

The white Aircast A60 ankle brace features a specially designed split in the material under the foot; this allows you to move the mesh to one side so you can remove the support before washing.

Ankle braces can be worn for up to 12 months after a sprain if you feel you’re in a situation where you need more support. It’s important to keep the movement up and not wear an ankle brace all of the time.

General Specs
Material CompositionLightweight mesh covering inner splints
OrientationLeft or Right
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light (< 500g)
Functional UseMultiple Use
Functional Type/CategoryFunctional / Preventative
Indication (General)
Impact PreventionYes
Soft Tissue Strains/RepairsYes
Postoperative RehabilitationYes
IndicationFor stability and Pain relief following ankle injuries
Chronic Pain DecreaseYes
Premium Use
Contact SportYes
Activity of Daily LivingYes
Conservative UseYes
Extreme SportsYes
Female SportsYes
Sport Activity
Water SportsNo
Other Sport ActivityYes
No Sport ActivityYes
General Specs (Braces & Support)
Brace LengthStandard
Warranty Frame and/or Hingen/a
Warranty Liners6 months
Brace Version1 Panel
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Range Of Motion ControlYes
Neutral PositioningYes
Strap Configuration (Brace)
Strap TypeAdjustable Velcro
Number of Straps1
Buckles TypeVelcro
Frame Specification (General)
Soft MaterialsBreath-O-Prene
Indication (Knee)
General InstabilityYes
Indication (Ankle)
Plantar Fasciitis (PF)No
Achilles TendinitisNo
Heel PainNo
Drop FootNo
Ankle Injury PreventionYes
Post-Op Ankle TreatmentYes
Chronic Ankle SprainYes
Acute Ankle InjuryYes
Tender AnklesYes
Swollen AnkleYes
Ankle & Foot OAYes
Post-Op Foot TreatmentNo
Functional Specs (Ankle)
Rigid Foot PlateNo
Hinged Foot PlateNo
Effectivity (Ankle)
Inversion PreventionYes
Eversion PreventionYes
Rotation PreventionYes
Plantar FlexionNo
Calcaneus LockNo
Peroneal Fore Foot LockNo
Anterior Talofibular Ligament SupportYes
Posterior Talofibular Ligament SupportYes
Calcaneofibular Ligament SupportYes
Support & CompressionYes
Functional Specs (Walking Brace/Splint)
Protected Range of MotionYes
Indication (Walking Brace/Splint)
Stability IncreaseYes
Ligament Tendon RepairYes
Frame Specification (Braces & Support)
Air-Filled ChambersNo
Removable Linersn/a

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