Mueller                         Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small

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                        Mueller                         Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small

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                        Mueller                         Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small

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                        Mueller                         Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small

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                        Mueller                         Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small

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                        Mueller                         Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small

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Product Features

  • USE: Great for the treatment of knee ligament injuries and cartilage tears
  • SUPPORT: Provides excellent support and fits like a glove
  • IDEAL: For the stiff, weak or painful knee and as a rehabilitation knee brace following knee injury
  • MAKE: This knee brace has a patented Tri-Axial hinge that allows normal knee movement
  • MATERIAL: Breathable fabric makes it perfect for sports and skiing

Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small

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What is the Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar?

Great for the treatment of knee ligament injuries and cartilage tears. Provides excellent support and fits like a glove.

When can I use it?

  • For all knee ligament and cartilage injuries and knee arthritis.
  • Ideal for the stiff, weak or painful knee and as a rehabilitation knee brace following knee injuries.
  • Ideal for medial and lateral ligament support, as well as extended daily use
  • Breathable fabric makes it perfect for sports and skiing.

Which size do I need?

Fits left or right knee.

Measure around the centre of the knee. If measurements indicate two different sizes, then choose the larger size. This product can be used on either the left or the right knee.

  • Small 30-35cm (12-14")
  • Medium 35-40cm (14-16")
  • Large 40-45cm (16-18")
  • X-Large 45-50cm (18-20")

How does it work?

This knee brace has a patented Tri-Axial hinge that allows normal knee movement and the stabilising double upper Velcro straps provide a customised fit for total support and comfort. Its unique non slip strips prevent unwanted movement of the knee brace.

It is completely neoprene free and has no raised seams and the inner lining is made of moisture absorbing Hydracinn fabric. This means your brace doesn't get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable during sports. The outer mechanisms have unique Kevlar protection for extra durability and the inner lining has anti-microbial coating which prevents bacterial growth.

This knee brace comes complete with a mesh laundry bag, which allows gentle machine washing.

Note: The tri-axial hing is set at 180 degrees and does not have a locking mechanism.

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Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo


Average Customer Rating Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Small has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (53 reviews)


Reviewed by Mountain activities

My second Mueller brace an while a big improvement on the old neoprene verson which chaffed on the rear seam this has one glaring fault...
When new it is great, really comfy, flexible anf offers great support when skiing and mountain walking/scrambling. After too short a time tough the wrap over front and rear Velcro fastenings jave become so loose that the brace slips down and does't do its job properly.
A real shame as tis initially a great bit of kit! Looking for an alternative now...

“Too severe for requirement. Ideal for skiing.”

Reviewed by Ron Tosh

Thought I was ordering replacement for previous order placed five years ago. Same model no, but much more heavily reinforced. Need to clarify model nos, but otherwise an excellent product but at this cost I can not afford to order another more suited to my needs


Reviewed by Anonymous

Thank you my son feels confident wearing it doing different sports etc

“Robust, high quality support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This product was recommended to me by Physioroom for a suspected minor ACL tear. It is a very sturdy support - feels robust when running with it on, the hinge enables good flexibility to retained and it does not feel overly cumbersome when it is on.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Happy with my purchase , knee feels more secure when playing football without any worrys

“uncomfortable, tight fitting”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Tight Fittiing,thebottom portion of the metal side supports digs into leg making it very uncomfortable and because of that i have not used it much.

“Close to excellent”

Reviewed by Liljoker247

The only reason I didn't give this 5stars is because of the sizing. The construction and support are worth 5 stars

“Works Really Well”

Reviewed by Anonymous

i have been using it skiing this week and it has been great. Its not heavy or cumbersome. Its easy to fit, and once its on you forget you're wearing it. Very comfortable and it doesn't get hot and sweaty. Works very well - I would recommend it.

“Super support!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

My consultant recommended that I wear this brace to support my ski-ing damaged knee ligament. I have found it light and comfortable, incredibly supportive without being restrictive, it stops any lateral leg movement and twisting which is just what I need, and with the co sultanas ok , I can just about manage to ride my dressage horses whilst wearing it. It has given me so much confidence In being able to carry on almost as normal whilst the ligament mends. An exceptional piece of equipment.

“It really is as comfortable as it claims!”

Reviewed by Sunbeam97

I looked at a lot of different knee braces to support my knee during skiing. I decided upon the Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar because it claimed to be comfortable over a long period of time.
When I saw it I didn't think anything so robust-looking could possibly be comfortable. I was wrong! I wore it over my thermals, but was worried it would slip during the day. It didn't.
Once it was on, and I hit the slopes, I completely forgot it was there. I am going to buy another one for the other knee!

“Noticeable but in a good way”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Slipped down but didn't stop the brace performing well, didn't get overly sweaty either which is what impressed me the most. Saved my knee big time on one fall (skiing) where it reduced pressure on my mcl. Good knee brace overall but I wouldn't recommend for running.

“Very pleased ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

First class product

“Worth trying”

Reviewed by Anonymous

As a 70yrs old man with OA, left hip replaced, left knee nearing replacement, I wanted a knee support for playing golf. I had been using a neoprene support and while this provide some aid it was not good enough for 18 holes. I suffered aches in the calf, thigh and hip muscles. First try with this support was a walk of a couple of miles during which I still got aches in the knee but then, I realised that for the first time in a while I was moving the knee properly. Subsequent use resulted in similar results until the knee adjusted to the use of the brace. I now have a significant reduction in pain golfing and I also finding that when I'm not using it I walk more naturally with less aches.

The only minor issue I have with the brace is that due to lack of flexibility with my knee I find it difficult to slide it back off over my foot. Based upon my experience this brace is worth a try.

“Very impressed”

Reviewed by Ben Jammin

After recieving my knee MRI results after booking a snowboard trip I was told I had a torn medial meniscus and strained ligament...I took this brace and 5 days on sunny soft snow went fine, but day 6 on icy hardback gave discomfort through heavy vibrations hence cut that one short...2days post trip knee feels little different to pre trip however a second MRI will tell wether an op is imminent, will go easy in the meantime...went for a medium 14-16" when my knee measurement is 15.5" and it fitted well and although slid down occasionally (Inevitable I assume with any brace due to the doable of the thigh!) it was considerably better than any cheap ones I have tried

“Very impressed”

Reviewed by Ben Jammin

After recieving my knee MRI results after booking a snowboard trip I was told I had a torn medial meniscus and strained ligament...I took this brace and 5 days on sunny soft snow went fine, but day 6 on icy hardback gave discomfort through heavy vibrations hence cut that one short...2days post trip knee feels little different to pre trip however a second MRI will tell wether an op is imminent, will go easy in the meantime...went for a medium 14-16" when my knee measurement is 15.5" and it fitted well and although slid down occasionally (Inevitable I assume with any brace due to the doable of the thigh!) it was considerably better than any cheap ones I have tried

“Excellent product. Great for a week's skiing.”

Reviewed by John Mc

I used this product for a week skiing and it was excellent. It was the first time I had been skiing since 2 meniscus repairs on my left knee, so I was a bit concerned whether I would be able to cope.

The brace was great, really comfortable to wear and remained in place all day. I'm also planning to use it without the metal inserts for less strenuous walking activity later in the year. Would definitely recommend.

Also suggest making sure you go for the larger size if in any doubt as it's a snug fit.

“mueller Hg 80”

Reviewed by Allan

does the job


Reviewed by Allan

Does the job , Good for price , awaiting knee replacement op , Be glad when its sorted , this is a great help !


Reviewed by Ross Morrison

I've had hinged knee braces before, having worn them for skiing after tearing ACLs in either knee. I am a highly competent skier. I found these knee supports were not cumbersome at all, did not slip, and were quite comfortable, whilst giving sufficient support. Really chuffed.

“Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Works well on my left knee. I have a meniscus injury causing pain on the inside of my knee. I enjoy fell walking and using the brace certainly helps. It avoids any twisting motion at the knee and the result is that much of the pain has gone. And perhaps best of all I no longer limp the next day. However it must be carefully positioned to work well.

“Exactly as advertised”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good quality and good spport. Works well

“A great product”

Reviewed by SMe

This knee support was purchased in readiness for a skiing trip to France. My previous knee support had been good but had become outdated and failed to provide sufficient comfortable assistance in my knee which has no cartilage and no ACL. I am delighted with this hinged knee brace. I felt little pain whilst skiing and there was minimal swelling at the end of each day. I would highly recommend this to others.

“exceeded all expectations”

Reviewed by Anonymous

On advice from my osteopath, I purchased this item. He had been treating me for a reocurance of a ligament injury. Is easy to use and very comfortable once fitted correctly. I have worn it to play tennis and on long walks with my dog. I am delighted with the support it provides and so far I have not even had the slightest twinge of pain while playing tennis even on hard court surfaces. I have just ordered a second one so that I have support on both knees when skiing. This product really works. Now I understand why so many people have bought it.

“Great piece of kit”

Reviewed by Full bore bowyer

Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar Very comfy works really well. I would buy another one if needed.

“Good Stability”

Reviewed by Skip2chid

There are previous reviews of the Mueller Hg80 that might lead you to believe that even pre-op you can wear this leg brace and carry on almost as before. I found the Hg80 much more stable than the rubber and neoprene options you find on the High Street, but my cricket season is over a month in this year. It is comfortable and the hinge mechanism much better than the one Mr Spok might recommend which pierced the rubber after a couple of weeks. The best feature for me is that I walk now without fear of over extension because the hinge now acts as the break my defunct ACL obviously can't. I'm now in the queue to get my torn meniscus sorted out on the NHS, but would predict I'll be a good candidate for a long term road test on the Mueller Hg 80 as I predict it will be a constant day time companion for months to come and then back on the cricket field and in the gym post op next year !

“First time I could run without knee collapsing in two years”

Reviewed by Davina

After undergoing keyhole surgery and a microfracture recovery has been slow. It's been a year since surgery and although I am in the gym 6 days a week building the muscles around my knee I still couldn't move on the tennis court or squash court without pain. With this support I managed to run and move across the tennis court with ease and no pain for the first time in two years. This knee support is like a little miracle. Well worth every penny. Am hoping to now take skiing with me for a pain free holiday on the slopes.

“Well worth it”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I got two of these prior to a recent skiing holiday - an instructor friend of mine said 'better lose £150 on some decent (?) braces than £xK on a wasted skiing holiday'; so I took the leap.

I wasn't disappointed with these at all. I spent a good few hours looking online for the most recommended braces for skiing and kept coming back to this one (well at least that was in my price bracket - there are others that are a hell of alot more!) every time.

I spent 6 days on the hill and didn't have a single twinge; they are comfortable, unobtrusive - I'm incredibly impressed!

Only warning would be to make sure you take plenty of time practicing fitting these as they can slip if too loose.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Made a big difference, very comfortable nearly forgot I had it on.... Wore it for skiing and had no problems.

“Really good!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought this brace for skiing as I have moderate arthritis and ligament problems. The brace was remarkably comfy and non-sweaty - on one day I wore a neoprene brace on the other knee and the difference was huge (no more neoprene!) The brace was supportive but not at all consricting, I forgot it was on and have since use it for walking trips. A good buy.

“It's like having a new knee”

Reviewed by Gary Preece

I have basically destroyed my ACL and also damaged my miniscus and I'm due to have an operation to have it all rebuilt. I teach Taekwondo and i'm due to take my next grade soon. I've waited seven years to take my grade and I'm determined not to let my knee stop me for another year. Rehab after op is 6 - 8 months. Specialist told me I could take my grade as long as I have a decent knee support, just no sparring or jumping. I've worn this for a few months and it's excellent. My knee feels strong and it's comfortable to wear which is a bonus. I've managed to carry on teaching my club for the last few months which I probably wouldn't have been able to do without it. I would highly recommend this knee support.


Reviewed by Chris-Ski

Whilst playing football in 2006 I ruptured my ACL, MCL, Cartilage, Meniscus, Calf, and pretty much everything else in my leg.
Having gone private and had a patella tendon surgery to reconstruct my ACL I was told I would struggle to play any sports again.
I purchased one of these braces, with it being so successful that I am now about to embark on my 3rd Ski Season as a Guide (so a lot of skiing all day every day). Whilst I am at home I play football a minimum of 2 times a week and up to 5 times a week with no issues at all.
I am still on my original brace although will be buying a new one before I set off due to the Velcro losing its tack.
I cannot recommend this brace enough. It saved my career!


Reviewed by Stu

A year and a half ago I damaged my medial ligament after taking two months out with physio I was told I could return to football within two weeks I redid the injury so another two months out. After that recovery I purchased this knee brace. I play football twice a week and have never had a problem again thanks to this brace. It gives me full range of movement and completely supports my knee. I would recommend it to anyone.

“Solid and reliable”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I've had this for the last 3 years and it's starting to show some wear and tear now but it has been fantastic. I play football 3 times a week and this really does do an excellent job of supporting my knee and I have suffered no issues or pain whilst wearing it.

I would really recommend this knee brace.

“Excellent piece of kit”

Reviewed by Mick

I suffered a full ACL and MCL rupture as well as damage to my PCL plus meniscus damage. This knee brace was a life saver for me and allowed me access to the gym prior to reconstructive surgery. I used it post surgery as well. I have just ordered another knee brace (same model) to assist with gym work/day to day life as I now have further instability and Post Traumatic Osteo Arthritis. For a good all rounder this is an excellent choice, particularly for knee trauma/injury. My original knee brace is still going strong after 5 years, I have just had to order a new one owing to the velcro failing. That is the only fault and it has had a rugged life for the past 5 years.

“quality product”

Reviewed by mickyblueeyes

After being diagnosed wrongly by the NHS for a sprained MCL, I decided to go private, after finding out what was really wrong (medial meniscus tear) was told I would need surgery, bought this brace to wear before the op to keep the pain down and for support.

Absolutely brilliant bit of kit, fits snugly and doesn't hinder range of motion.


Reviewed by Graham

Purchased 1 support first and gave it a go on the indoor ski slope, it was brilliant.
I am 63 and a keen skier and my knees are shot away, little or no cartilage and knees always swell up and hurt after a day on the slopes. Used neoprene sleeve supports before. This support is just what I needed and after 4 hours on the slope I had no pains or swelling at all.
Ordered a 2nd one for the other knee and off to Austria this weekend to have a pain free weeks skiing holiday.


“Sorry to put the dampners on!”

Reviewed by Peter C

I bought this knee brace after reading the fantastic reviews it has received. I ruptured my right medial ligament last year and wanted to ski without any problems. I have now used the brace on 3 separate skiing holidays. First off it is very comforable and apart from sitting down at lunch I don't notice that I have it on. Second, it has protected the medial ligament and, apart from a couple of twinges, I have been pain free so it has absolutely done the trick. In fact I have felt the muscles on the inside of my leg pulling which means I have been using the muscles and not the ligament to do the work! However, on each skiing holiday my knee has swelled up within a couple of days. I am not sure what the problem is but I was hoping the brace would provide all round support to the knee. I suggest that the manufacturer looks at providing greater stability for the knee cap with future versions.

“Brilliant product”

Reviewed by Kim

This is a perfect fit and gives brilliant support where needed would recommend to anyone.


Reviewed by dave

Fits like a glove and feels great, good support and most of all good for the confidence!
My knee has been through the mill acl reconstruction 20 plus years ago so good old Arthritis laterals torn and many other ski related injuries!!
Now looking forward to the ski season!!!!

“Probably great for most people”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is probably great for most people, unfortunately the hinge sat directly on a painful spot on the knee so was really uncomfortable. I returned it and got one without the hinge in instead - perfect.

“Using this for squash”

Reviewed by Nippyjock

I snapped my ACL around 4 years ago and had been using a lesser knee support to play with moderate success, i.e. I could play but paid the penalty in knee pain the next day. It got to a stage where I was beginning to think I would either need to give up or get an operation, out of desperation I re-visited the knee brace section and had a look around, I bought the Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar and have been playing squash 3-4 hours a week for the last month with this. Pain has reduced to a level I have not had for years, swelling has gone down significantly, bonus is the antibacterial treatment which means it just needs to be aired, not continually washed. I would recommend this product.

𔄝 star product ”

Reviewed by marco ma

The knee brace is excellent. I use it to support my knee with a broken cartilage whilst waiting for an op. It does a super job and I can even play golf!

“Does the job well”

Reviewed by gammyknee51

Not used for sport but for comfort it is ideal. Gives support and additional confidence although the knee is shot!

“Game On”

Reviewed by Simon Fulton

Fantastic bit of kit. Could barely walk, now playing Korfball, no pain, no instability, cant explain it, just a great bit of kit!


Reviewed by Tam

This has helped my partner get back into the sport he loves virtually pain free... It is a superb support and would recommend to anyone with knee pains or problems.

“Super. Wouldn't ski without it.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Following an MCL injury I was a bit nervous hitting the slopes. I did a lot of research about various knee supports and finally opted for the Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace. It's absolutely brilliant. It's very supportive without restriction and very comfortable - I hardly know I'm wearing it. I've had a couple of nasty falls and I dread to think the state I'd be in had I not be wearing it. I wouldn't ski without it. Best choice.

“Quality equipment, gr8 purchase”

Reviewed by Fada Starky

Been , looking to play footy for a long time since I ruptured my entire cruciate ligament. Since I got this I've started playin again. It offers excellent support and it is made well.

“Great support.”

Reviewed by Alan L

I had an ACL transplant about 5 years ago and all went well until last week - I damaged it again. I play club cricket, two matches a week and I could see my season ending, I purchased this brace and wore it during the match on Sunday and I was able to bowl my full stint and gallop about after the ball with confidence, even diving on that knee to catch a ball.

Its well made and easy to put on, although I think the velcro strip on the top straps could be a tad longer as I I think I would like to option to have them tighter on my thigh.

“Mueller hinged knee brace is great”

Reviewed by Fi

I bought this brace after a medial meniscus tear last year skiing. The tear fortunately internal and I don't need surgery but I continue to have an aching inner right knee after sport. This was brilliant- as soon as I put it on it provided support, but still gave me flexibility. I have since skied 10+ days using the brace with no problems at all. I get no pain during skiing and no pain after a long day on the piste. This gave me the confidence I needed to push my skiing and knee after my injury. It never slipped down and although my knee was warm it did not get sweaty. Brilliant product and did just what you said it would do. I can now ski with reassurance that my knee is supported.


Reviewed by John Morris

The moment i put the 'Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar' on I was absolutely stunned the support it gave me. For the last three weeks I have been using a walking stick but now i definitely don't need it. I need a knee replacement and this Brace is my 'life-saver' until then. Very very impressed!!

“An excellent product, it saved my holiday!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have damaged my medial knee ligament playing rugby and had a skiing holiday booked so i bought the Mueller brace. It worked so well I didn't have any concern whilst skiing and tackled the normal runs without any problems. It doesn't prevent rotation but gave excellent lateral support. The hinges are well designed so there was no discomfort or restricted knee bend. In terms of comfort, I hardly noticed I was wearing it. I recommend this product.

“My savour!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I was given the run-around by the NHS (of the UK, for the benefit of those international readers) and was finally told in no uncertain terms that my problem was due to a cartilage issue and nothing short of an operation would fix it.

While being diagnosed I purchased 'Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace' and found that my symptoms subsided to the point that by the time I was given the final NHS diagnosis I was in no pain at all and having informed the various doctors of this news they were dumbfounded!

Anyway, the knee brace is fantastic in that it does what it should i.e. support your knee at all times, as the description states, it doen't get hot or sweaty, is slim enough to be worn inside a pair of standard fit jeans (must really be worn next to your skin not on-top of clothing), and most importantly doesn't limit your range of motion meaning you can get on with you life while wearing it

Thank you Mueller you are my savour!

“Hg80 hinged knee brace”

Reviewed by rugby league 4 life!

the brace does give you excellent support. looks good and feels good. only down fall is if your a rugby player with big muscley legs it does get abit uncomfortable after a while because it digs in, especially in the calf. but all in all a good buy.

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