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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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                        Gilmore                         Elite Support Shorts Small

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Product Features

  • To help support and minimise groin and sports injury related problems while enhancing core stability
  • Ideal for use during Football, Cricket, Rugby, Racket Sports, Hockey, Skiiing and Snowboarding
  • For prevention and rehabilitation with common roin, Aadductor and hamstring muscle injuries such as:
  • Gilmore's Groin, Groin Disruption, Inguinal Disruption, Sportsman's Groin, Sportsman's Hernia
  • Athletic Pubalgia, Adductor Muscles, Pubic Symphysis Support. Also Hamstring & Lower Back Support

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Gilmore Elite Support Shorts Small

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What are the Gilmore Support Shorts?

The Gilmore Support Shorts have been designed for the management of groin, adductor and hamstring injuries and are set to revolutionise the sports industry. This next generation base layer has been endorsed by Olympic Athlete Lawrence Okoye, Professional Footballer and England International Wilfried Zaha as well as leading Sports Physiotherapists, Physicians and Surgeons to help support and minimise groin and sports injury related problems while enhancing core stability allowing suffering sportsmen and sportswomen the opportunity to continue playing.

Renowned Harley Street surgeon Jerry Gilmore has pioneered groin and hernia techniques to help restore athletes to full fitness for over 20 years and now in partnership with ex-footballer and chronic groin problem sufferer Aaron Smith have launched a product promising to be the saviour of many. The Gilmore Support Shorts have been designed for use when playing or training and use data collection from over 8000 patients spanning more than 30 years to provide one of the most exciting medical clothing advancements of recent times.

When can I use the Gimore Support Shorts?

Injury typically occurs during sports which involve twisting, turning, kicking, and change of pace, therefore Gilmore Support Shorts will be of benefit during but not exclusively to the following sporting activities :

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Racket Sports
  • Hockey
  • Skiing and Snowboarding


Please note: Product is made from Neoprene with a 100% Polyester lining.

How do the Gilmore Support Shorts work?

To help maintain your competitive edge you need to feel comfortable and confident in the equipment you use, Gilmore Support Shorts give you that peace-of-mind allowing you to sustain peak sporting performance. By actively encouraging blood flow to key areas throughout exercise the shorts minimise the risk of groin, adductor and hamstring muscle injuries. They will assist the body and help to accelerate the rehabilitation of recently damaged tissue through the control of your lower body movements making these an essential item in any kit bag.

Primary Benefits

  • Gilmore's Groin
  • Groin Disruption
  • Inguinal Disruption
  • Sportsman's Groin
  • Sportsman's Hernia
  • Athletic Pubalgia
  • Adductor Muscles
  • Pubic Symphysis Support

Secondary Benefits

  • Hamstring Support
  • Lower Back Support

Gilmore Support Shorts Composition

Warning Gilmore Support Shorts have been made using Floprene� and Standard Neoprene which could potentially cause irritation and allergic type skin reactions. If you have previously experienced such a reaction to Neoprene, you should not wear this product. If when wearing this product you experience an itching skin rash, or irritation the product should be removed immediately and you should consult a medical practitioner. Floprene is a highly efficient DUAL FLOW BREATHABLE fabric system that allows a two-way migration of air through the fabric core with high tensile strength, while being very flexible and supportive.

Which size do I need?

Measure around the waist. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size.

  • Small: 30-32 inches (67-81 cm)
  • Medium: 32-34 inches (81-86 cm)
  • Large: 34-36 inches (86-91 cm)
  • X-Large: 36-38 inches (91-97 cm)
  • Weight: 0.54 kg
  • Length: 48cm
  • Width: 28cm
  • Height: 5cm


  • Wilfried Zaha England International & Professional Football Player "I wear the Gilmore Support Shorts to train in daily as part of my essential kit bag - they are exceptional."
  • Lawrence Okoye (Olympic Athlete Team GB, Discus Finalist London 2012) "I've benefitted massively from using this product, a real step forward for injury prevention."
  • John Locke (Triathlon Athlete) Chronic hip & pelvic problems "Lovely to go to the gym and be able to run and not be stiff in the morning."

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseCompression / Support / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryHernia Support
Material CompositionNeoprene with a 100% Polyester lining
Latex FreeYes
SizeS/M/L/XL (See size chart for details)
Additional Information
Details▪ Gilmore's groin
▪ Groin disruption
▪ Inguinal disruption
▪ Sportsman's groin
▪ Sportsman's hernia
▪ Athletic pubalgia
▪ Adductor muscles
▪ Pubic symphysis support
Extra Features▪ Hamstring support
▪ Lower back support


Average Customer Rating Gilmore Elite Support Shorts Small has a rating of 4.5 stars4.5 stars (25 reviews)

“some repairs needed in time”

Reviewed by sportsman

Well, I use two pairs of these now (size L) for more than two years, and I can confirm I had no injuries, that is the goal of these shorts I guess.
Some stitching fell apart, rather soon, but it was repaired in-house and no problems since with these stitches.
The velco strap around the waste I replaced by a belt, a real one, made from tissue with a clip, as the velco did not hold very long in place, and it is essential that these shorts are kept up high to give full support.
With these modifications, I get a real support where it is needed, also and especially at the pubis, without compressing my genitals. The penis-in-pouch is decent enough (you feel naked first time as it is a bit dangling in front of you, but one gets used to it rapidly), and is the real plus of these shorts. Without the pouch insufficient compression would be imposed on the area around the penis. Two years use told me the difference. A pity they are only in size S available today.

“The best support”

Reviewed by MikeHogan

I purchased these in size large 2 years ago. They are still going strong. Significantly better than underarmor.


Reviewed by Henry spencer

Brilliant design ,take a bit of getting use to but really good for hamstring , groin and quad protection . Had these for 6 months ran full and half marathons in them and they are superb .would recommend.
Great value for money

“Unique design”

Reviewed by Sportsman

I guess these shorts are the only one on the market that do have this special pouch, which avoids your genitals to be compressed also. The support of the groin area is thus improved, which I acknowledge. The support is very good, allthough the sorts could even be tighter around the pouch. There is some room there that is not needed as the genitals are excluded. Don't worry, the tissue of the pouch holds your p tight and its not transparent. Your decent. Especially in the club this is assuring.

“Have them a year now, very satisfied”

Reviewed by amazon customer

I have two pairs of these shorts now that I use when running and cycling, as well as in the gym. They really help to keep your warm and avoid injuries in the groin area, I had none. As indicated by other reviewers, the design is somewhat special that made me hesitate buying them, but it seems the only way to support you in the genital area so I think it's the correct design. I admit also I had no negative reactions on it, on the contrary; there is some curiosity at first sight but now everyone is used to it.

“Perfect ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The product is sport on,really helpful and I'd recommend this to everyone

“very original design, supportive as promised”

Reviewed by John Smith

These pants are very supportive indeed, i bought them at amazon's and received them two days later. I agree with the pretended good support and got rapidly used to the pouch design. The material of the pouch is a bit thin that gives the feeling of walking naked, but this is just a feeling, your penis is correctly covered in black tissue.

“Very helpful to keep your muscles warm and flexible ”

Reviewed by Garcia

If you are suffering from stiff muscles around you hips and or pain i the lower back region these shorts are marvelous. They keep you warm and do really support your groin area, avoiding any pain, even afterwards. They are equipped with a flexible pocket between your legs to put your genitals in, to facilitate groin support. This needs some days to get used to, your penis being well outlined in the pocket and being more or less visible to everybody (at least you feel like that) but finally it is sufficiently decent and nobody really cares or seems shocked. I use them in the club and outside and keep them often on afterwards; I appreciate the fact that my genitals are not sandwiched in tight shorts but are free to move while being kept warm and supported all around.

“hernia - pelvic support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

the pant fit my waist but are to large to support my hernia region should of bought a smaller pair.
to get a tight fitting in the area i wanted .

“great support”

Reviewed by Sportsman

These shorts I bought recently really give a great support, although mine are a bit large in the groin area. I would have liked a more tight fit around the pouch, giving more compression to give a five start rating. I use these shorts daily for inside and outside sporting as regular sports-short, they have a nice design with the yellow outlines, only a bit more bulky, after two or three days you get not only used to wearing them but also forget about the somewhat special pouch, that is a bit floppy, but this is a minor problem considering the benefits.

“Poor Stitching”

Reviewed by B Harris

These only lasted about 3 months before all of the stitching came apart. Before it fell apart they worked well so there's that.

“Well made and comfy”

Reviewed by Anonymous

A teammate suggested to buy these shorts he is using for some time. Must say that I loved the quality and the design, it looks sports and feels also like it, i agree now I have one. I admit I had to get used to the idea of wearing things in a pouch in front of me, dangling loosely when running or walking, but finally I feel the good support of my muscles and now at the club we are two showing off in these shorts! On colder days the shorts keep me nice and warm.

“very supportive where needed”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought one recently, gives a good support where needed, but feels very soft to the skin. I had to get used to the high waistline, you have to pull up the shorts a max to ensure an optimal support, as does the pouch, allowing for maximum support around. You get easily addicted to this comfy short. The pouch really makes the difference to me. I do not notice much attention from third persons when wearing these shorts, however, it gives a much better feeling to have everything 'outside' and supported than it being stuck somewhere inside and hurting, as is so often the case, and lacking any support. I would also like a long version to keep the legs warm.


Reviewed by Paul Burchell

This product is brilliant. I injured my groin many years ago playing football. Some years later I had surgery for Gilmores groin, which although successful left me with considerable pain when playing any kind of sport. I have been wearing these shorts whilst playing walking football and they have allowed me to keep playing without any pain. The support provided has allowed me to build up strength in my groin area and the associated muscles such that now I feel better than I have for many years. This purchase was my second pair, I took the opportunity to by them whilst they where reduced in price for me!

“Okay ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I took them out of the package and when I put them the stitching ripped as straight away leaving a hole. I'm a size 30 waste and I bought the medium size.

I would not of been happy if I paid the full �120 for them.

I could not be bothered to return them so I stitched them back up myself..

Apart from that I have come back from a very nasty grade 3 hamstring tear.. I am wearing them in the gym on leg days and they are looking after my hamstring nicely.

Hopefully will be back playing rugby in a couple weeks and hope these do the trick.

So far so good.


Reviewed by zoff

Just brought them and tried them on excellent for the price have issues with hamstrings play field hockey specially in the winter time will help meas am not that young anymore but like my sport.

“Back playing rugby”

Reviewed by Harry1234

I've had a very long standing chronic groin issue that has led to a (slightly wrongly diagnosed) hip operation. I am a very keen sportsman, and have played a lot of rugby. Having to stop playing over the last couple of years has been very sad. However with a lot of Physio I am now back playing and managing the problem. I've been using these shorts for the last couple of weeks, and they are really supportive and certainly give me confidence when running around. I think they are contributing to my general less soreness the days after exercising, which is fabulous. I rate these highly, great bit of equipment.

“quality not great”

Reviewed by Kenny

1) 2nd time used - under wetsuitt surfing - 2 inch tear (seam opened) on inside of right thigh near crotch
2) Waist strap, although adjustable, is not elastic or flexible - it's two pieces of velcro - just ok
3) Adductor muscles (or whatever they are called) run the length of leg - the thigh strap/compression piece is located mid thigh. Groin tear is higher and would be cool to be able to adjust strap higher or make the strap much wider to cover a larger area.

“overall great but could be wider hip support”

Reviewed by eamon smith

Great adductor, quadriceps, pubis symphis, sacroilliiac joint support.


Reviewed by Benson Stanley

Unfortunately, after the first outing in the shorts the stitching began to un-ravel. This continued and the shorts began to essentially fall apart. So, after three weeks the shorts have become useless. Deeply unsatisfied particularly given the cost. Product idea is good but quality and finish really let's them down.

“I can run again”

Reviewed by No. 7

I had to stop playing football for 5 months as I never fully recovered after a torn hamstring. My physio recommended I try some support shorts so I went for the higher end and must say its definitely worth the money. I can run again! Thanks.

“Worth the extra money!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought these shorts as I am getting older am getting more injuries now with longer recovery.
Have been wearing the shorts at my last 5 a-side tournaments and where I always had hamstring problems after these events, I haven't had an injury yet... touch wood. It even feels as if running and quick change of directions goes quicker. Very happy with these shorts and I am trying to get my whole team to buy one, so we might even win some games... :-)

“Excellent I can play again”

Reviewed by Rob D

These shorts have enabled me to play football again after a hamstring injury prevented me from being able to. Would definitely recommend them.

“Best on the market!”

Reviewed by David

I have tried so many support and compression shorts and none of them compare to this product, which has not only helped to alleviate any pain that I am in but has also made it possible for me to play football for a sustained period of time. A very clever product!!! I can't recommend it highly enough if you have had a groin injury.

“Brilliant support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Really help me to feel confident and supported during sport.

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