The reported Premier League injury history of football player Glenn Johnson from August 2002 to the present day.

Glenn Johnson Injury History

Injury Club Date Injury Reported
Groin Strain Liverpool Injuries 2010 October 20th
Calf Muscle Strain Liverpool Injuries 2010 May 1st
MCL Knee Ligament Injury Liverpool Injuries 2009 December 29th
Ankle/Foot Injury Liverpool Injuries 2009 December 13th
Calf Muscle Strain Liverpool Injuries 2009 October 17th
Achilles Paratendinopathy Liverpool Injuries 2009 July 18th
Hamstring Injury Portsmouth Injuries 2009 April 27th
Knee Injury Portsmouth Injuries 2008 December 14th
Groin/Pelvis Injury Portsmouth Injuries 2008 October 20th
Hamstring Injury Portsmouth Injuries 2007 December 28th
Sprained Ankle Portsmouth Injuries 2007 April 12th
Thigh Muscle Strain Portsmouth Injuries 2006 October 27th
Sprained Ankle Portsmouth Injuries 2006 August 28th
Gilmores Groin Chelsea Injuries 2006 March 30th
Ankle/Foot Injury Chelsea Injuries 2005 November 25th
Thigh Muscle Strain Chelsea Injuries 2005 September 16th
Sprained Ankle Chelsea Injuries 2004 March 11th
Gastritis West Ham United Injuries 2003 March 13th

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