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1 Arsenal 3 D Welbeck Cartilage Knee Injury
2 Bournemouth 3 H Arter Hip/Thigh Injury
3 Chelsea 3 E Hazard Hip/Thigh Injury
4 Newcastle United 3 R Elliott ACL Knee Injury
5 Stoke City 3 S Ireland Broken Leg
6 Aston Villa 2 J Lyden Thigh Muscle Strain
7 Crystal Palace 2 S Dann Ankle/Foot Injury
8 Norwich City 2 A Wisdom Knee Injury
9 Tottenham Hotspur 2 J Vertonghen Ankle/Foot Injury
10 West Bromwich Albion 2 B Foster Knee Injury
11 Manchester City 1 V Kompany Thigh Muscle Strain
12 Manchester United 1 W Keane Groin/Pelvis Injury
13 Swansea City 1 A Williams Shoulder Injury
14 Everton 0    
15 Leicester City 0    
16 Liverpool 0    
17 Southampton 0    
18 Sunderland 0    
19 Watford 0    
20 West Ham United 0    


Arsenal home shirt Arsenal (3)Arsenal away shirt
Player D WelbeckD Welbeck Cartilage Knee Injury Feb 17  
Player A Oxlade-ChamberlainA Oxlade-Chamberlain Knee Injury 10th Jul 16  
Player C JenkinsonC Jenkinson ACL Knee Injury Nov 16  
Bournemouth home shirt Bournemouth (3)Bournemouth away shirt
Player H ArterH Arter Hip/Thigh Injury no return date  
Player A SmithA Smith Inguinal Hernia no return date  
Player T MingsT Mings Knee Injury Taken off just 6 minutes into his debut, Bournemouths record signing will be out for a while with what appears to be a pretty serious knee injury. Sep 16  
Chelsea home shirt Chelsea (3)Chelsea away shirt
Player E HazardE Hazard Hip/Thigh Injury 1st Jul 16  
Player D CostaD Costa Hamstring Injury no return date  
Player K ZoumaK Zouma ACL Knee Injury no return date  
Newcastle United home shirt Newcastle United (3)Newcastle United away shirt
Player R ElliottR Elliott ACL Knee Injury no return date  
Player M HaidaraM Haidara Knee Injury 27th Aug 16  
Player T KrulT Krul ACL Knee Injury 25th Jul 16  
Stoke City home shirt Stoke City (3)Stoke City away shirt
Player S IrelandS Ireland Broken Leg Feb 17  
Player I AfellayI Afellay ACL Knee Injury Jan 17  
Player J ButlandJ Butland Ankle/Foot Injury 1st Jul 16  
Aston Villa home shirt Aston Villa (2)Aston Villa away shirt
Player J LydenJ Lyden Thigh Muscle Strain 25th Jul 16  
Player J AmaviJ Amavi ACL Knee Injury no return date  
Crystal Palace home shirt Crystal Palace (2)Crystal Palace away shirt
Player S DannS Dann Ankle/Foot Injury no return date  
Player K AppiahK Appiah ACL Knee Injury The Ghanaian is suspected to have suffered an ACL injury on international duty and is likely to miss most of the first half of the season, if not all of it. no return date  
Norwich City home shirt Norwich City (2)Norwich City away shirt
Player A WisdomA Wisdom Knee Injury no return date  
Player T KloseT Klose Knee Injury no return date  
Tottenham Hotspur home shirt Tottenham Hotspur (2)Tottenham Hotspur away shirt
Player J VertonghenJ Vertonghen Ankle/Foot Injury no return date  
Player N BentalebN Bentaleb Knee Injury no return date  
West Bromwich Albion home shirt West Bromwich Albion (2)West Bromwich Albion away shirt
Player B FosterB Foster Knee Injury no return date  
Player C BruntC Brunt ACL Knee Injury Oct 16  
Manchester City home shirt Manchester City (1)Manchester City away shirt
Player V KompanyV Kompany Thigh Muscle Strain Sep 16  
Manchester United home shirt Manchester United (1)Manchester United away shirt
Player W KeaneW Keane Groin/Pelvis Injury no return date  
Swansea City home shirt Swansea City (1)Swansea City away shirt
Player A WilliamsA Williams Shoulder Injury 1st Jul 16  
Everton home shirt Everton (0)Everton away shirt
Leicester City home shirt Leicester City (0)Leicester City away shirt
Liverpool home shirt Liverpool (0)Liverpool away shirt
Southampton home shirt Southampton (0)Southampton away shirt
Sunderland home shirt Sunderland (0)Sunderland away shirt
Watford home shirt Watford (0)Watford away shirt
West Ham United home shirt West Ham United (0)West Ham United away shirt

Injury information last updated: Thursday 30th of June 2016 4:32:25 PM