Energy Bars, Drinks & Gels

Energy bars and gels are a great way to ensure that you have sufficient carbohydrate to perform well in your sport. By loading carbohydrates a few hours prior to your sporting event then you can ensure that you have sufficient muscle energy to last the full duration of your activity. Energy bars and energy gels are also an excellent method of replenishing muscle energy stores after sport.

For optimal recovery muscle energy replacement from carbohydrate rich food must take place within two hours of the end of you activity. Energy bars and gels taste great and they can be eaten as soon as you finish your activity to ensure that your sports recovery starts in the right way.

Energy drinks are liquid carbohydrate that is formulated to quench thirst and replenish the body's muscle energy stores. Sports drinks, which are high in carbohydrate are an important part of the preparation for endurance sports such a football, basketball, rugby, hockey and running.

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Vulkan Drinks Bottle Carrier

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Lightweight Vulkan bottle carrier. Holds eight 1 litre Vulkan Drinking Bottles - ideal for use by your team. Bottles are available separately.
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